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Topics: Buddhism, Confucianism, Confucius Pages: 2 (497 words) Published: December 4, 2013
Many people love to converse on the subject of religion and how their religion became what it is today. Buddha, Confucious, and Plato were all three very well aspired men who believed in similar but at the same time, different practices. All three lived around the same time period, with a few years separating Buddha and Confucious from Plato. Buddha encouraged spirituality and to enjoy the world as it is. Confucious pushed for humanism and that whatever a person does to another, may it be good or bad, while eventually return to them in some shape or form. As for Plato, he believed in expanding the ideas of logic and rationalization. All three teachings were very similar in certain ways, and yet very different and unique in other ways.

One way that Buddha and Confucious’ teachers were similar is that they both believed that there were no Gods or God. They believed that what you did on the earth came solely from you and that it would get back to you in some time. At the same time, they did not refuse the idea of a higher spirit. The two religions solely pushed to encourage their followers that there was no higher spirit but if they wanted to believe in one, they were not to be faulted by their beliefs. Buddha encouraged his followers that they one should focus on reaching Nirvana, or off the wheel of life. Confucius, too, thought that the gods were irrelevant. Confucianism, as he taught it, was simply a philosophy, a way of life. Confucious taught his followers to reject the thought of spiritual mysteries, even though he never discredited the idea of Gods and Goddesses.

Another way that Buddhism is similar to Confucianism is that they both consider wisdom a fundamental part of life. Buddhism teaches that that one should obtain perfect understanding of the world around him and also obtain full enlightenment, to reach Nirvana. Nirvana is what every follower of Buddha dreams of and works for every day of their life to reach. Buddhism believes in reincarnation...
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