A Uses and Gratifications Approach

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Intro to Mass Communications
A Uses and Gratifications Approach
As stated in Uses and Gratifications, Blumler and Katz believed that the audience has an active part in the communication processes which are goal oriented in their media use. Blumler and Katz believe that the media users look for media outlets that will fulfill their needs. “Uses and Gratifications assume that the users have alternate choices to satisfy their needs” (unknown para 1). As I was reading the article based on Uses and Gratifications I was surprise by the fact that people use television programing for religious satisfaction, television for me was more for relaxation. Some of the television programing that I believe has uses and gratifications in them would be The Biggest Loser and Dr. Oz.

As I was reading the article I was surprise due to the fact that I hardly hear people talk about religious programming. Religious programming is hardly hear about, usually we only hear of programs such a reality T.V. shows and movies that are coming out soon. I would have never thought that people used television for religious purposes, because we hardly hear of it. I did not think that the percentage for church attendance would have been has high as stated in the article. I would have thought that people were ritualized just using television for relaxation. I also found it interesting how people that watch religious programming felt closer to God. In my opinion if should be the other way around, going to Church or Chapel is when I feel closer to God because I am in his home. When I go to Chapel or to Church I pay attention to what is being said, when I am at home I usually get distracted by either texting, or talking to my mother. If I was at Church I would find that disrespectful to those around me. This being said I find it hard to believe that the majority feel closer to God. I find it hard to believe also maybe because I was always taken to church to learn about the bible every Sunday, and now...

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