A Research Report on “Customer Satisfaction of Basic Bank Limited Uttara Branch.”

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A research report on “Customer satisfaction of BASIC Bank Limited Uttara Branch.”

Submitted To:
Md. Zahangir Kabir
Department of Management
Faculty of Business Studies
HSTU, Dinajpur-5200

Submitted By:
Md.Abdur Rahman
Student ID # 0603027
BBA, Level-4, Semester-II
HSTU, Dinajpur-5200

Hajee Mohammad Danesh Science & Technology University, Dinajpur-5200

Chapter: 1

2 .Letter of Tranasmittal:

Dated: June 21th, 2010

Md. Zahangir Kabir
Department of Management
Faculty of Business Studies
HSTU, Dinajpur-5200

Subject: Submission of research report.

Dear Sir,

I, being advised to prepare the research report on the level of customer satisfaction of BASIC Bank Ltd. Uttara branch customers for the successful completion of my report. As was advised, I have successfully completed my report on “customer satisfaction of BASIC Bank Ltd. in Uttara branch”.

It gives me immense pleasure to tell you that working on this research report has given me a wide range of exposure. To prepare this report, I have faced extensive one to one interviews with professionals, customers and dealer. It has taught me the value of patience, and has given me a higher insight on the level of communication in the practical world.

This report basically gives an overview of customer satisfaction of BASIC Bank Ltd. Uttara Branch and how different influencing parties can hamper the level of customer satisfaction. I also had to make some recommendation as to how the existing level of satisfaction could be improved.

It will be a great honor for me if you require me to explain any sort of queries.

Yours Sincerely,

Md.Abdur Rahman
Student ID # 0603027
BBA, Level-4, Semester-II
HSTU, Dinajpur-5200



Preparing this report was both exciting and hard work at the same time, it is for the first time that I had a real life experience working on an actual bank project. I would like to express my gratitude to Md. Zahangir Kabir , internship supervisor, Chairman, Department of Management, Faculty of Business Studies, HSTU, Dinajpur for providing me with the proper guidance and support.

I would also like to thank Mr. Tanvir Ahmad, Manager, BASIC Bank Ltd. Uttara Branch for giving me time in his busy schedule, for providing some important information that was needed to complete the report, and to properly guide me throughout my survey period

4.Table of Content:

Chapter One : Introduction|
Letter of Transmittal| iii|
Acknowledgement| iv-v|
Table of Contents| vi-ix|
Executive Summary| x|
Chapter Two : Introduction| 1-4|
1.1| Background of the Report| 2|
1.2| Objectives of the Report| 2|
1.4| Methodology of the Report | 2|
1.5| Limitations of the Study| 3|
1.6| Organization of the Report| 4|
Chapter Three : Overview of the Bank & Branch| 5-16|
2.1| Background information| 6|
2.2| Main Functions| 6|
2.3| Corporate Strategy | 7|
2.4| Organizational Goals| 7|
2.5| Organizational Structure| 7|
2.6| Resources and Capabilities| 9|
2.7| Monerary/ Financial Resources| 10|
2.8| Human Resources| 11|
2.9| Progress at a glance| 12|
2.10| Brief description of Mirpur Branch| 15|
2.11| Performance of Mirpur Branch| 16|
| | |
Chapter Three : Loans & Advances Department| 18-45|
3.1| Introduction| 19|
3.2| Credit policy of BASIC Bank Limited| 21|
3.3| Loans and Advances offered by BASIC Bank with little elaboration| 26| 3.4| General procedure for loans & advances| 27|
3.4.1| First Information Sheet| 27|
3.4.2| Application for Credit Line| 28|
3.4.3| Collecting CIB report from Bangladesh Bank| 28|
3.4.4| Making credit line proposal| 30|
3.4.5| Project appraisal| 30|
| Techniques of project appraisal| 30|
| Technical Viability| 31|
| Commercial...
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