A Report About Service Failure and Methods of Recovery

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Terms Of Reference

This report has been commissioned by the group operations director to enable primary decisions to be made regarding future management policy/change in the area of service failure/recovery.

The justification for this report is:

There is a current trend in service failure, resulting in possible unnecessary customer dissatisfaction. Customers are becoming increasingly aware of their rights and demand increasingly better quality service. Service recovery techniques have been employed to great effect by other companies and it would be foolhardy to not investigate if these could be utilised by this company.


Terms Of Reference 1

Contents Page 2

Abstract/Executive Summary 3

Introduction -
1.0 Introduction To Customer Satisfaction 4

3.0 Customer Expectations 4

2.1 100% Defect Free Service? 5

2.2 W.Edwards Deming 5

1. Introduction To Service Failure 5

1.1. The Three Types Of Service Failure 6

1.1.1. Based On Service Ability 6

1.1.2. Based On The Nature Of The Problem 6

1.1.3. Based On The Type Of Service 7

3.2 Service Failure Measureability 7

4.0 The Aim Of Service Recovery 7

4.1 The Benefits Of Service Recovery 7

4.2 Forms Of Service Recovery - Lockwood & Deng 8

4.3 Bell & Zemke 8

4.4 Bitmer Et Al. 9

4.5 Lockwood & Deng – Reliability & Results 9

5.0 Conclusion 11

6.0 Suggestions For Further Research 13

Bibliography 14 Abstract/Executive summary

Although customer satisfaction is one of the ultimate goals of...

Bibliography: Bell, C. R. and Zemke, R. (1987), "Service breakdown: the road to recovery", Management Review, October, pp. 32 -35.

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tourism and leisure, Binghamton, NY: The Haworth Hospitality Press
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York: Mc Graw-Hill.
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