You Decide - Building Customer Loyalty

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Building Customer Loyalty - You Decide
DeVry University, BUSN258
March 14, 2013

You Decide
As a general manager, it is important to identify the issues interfering and affecting the relationship with your customer. After carefully examining all of the facts of the problem, it is important to find a solution and providing the customer with a satisfactory answer. First of all the company needs to fix the problem as soon as possible. One way of fixing this problem, is by providing the customer with the right product. In addition offer him a discount for the defective part that was sent originally. This may help maintain the relationship with the customer. The actions of the employees represent the personality of the company. (Timm, 2011 P. 19). Ignoring the customer will cause a bad impression and may ruin the business relationship. Having a good attitude towards the situation, and promptly trying to resolve it may assist to maintain this relationship In today’s business environment is important to provide customer satisfaction and great customer service. As explained on the scenario summary, this customer has a long term relationship with the company. It would not be right to let the customer go, because a department or an employee made a mistake. The company needs to assume the costs for the employees’ mistakes or invest more time and money in training for those employees dealing with customers. The company needs to provide the appropriate training in customer service on how to handle similar situations, to prevent them in the future. Unsatisfied customers may be one of the reasons why the company has declined sales and so many complaints. “Companies and people that consistently give good service succeed, while poor service providers fumble and eventually fail.” (Timm, 2011 P. 3)

Another important aspect that needs to be resolved is the organization of the company, starting with the person that takes the orders until the order is shipped....

References: Timm, P. (2011). Career Success Through Customer Loyalty (5th ed.) New Jersey: Prentice Hall.
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