You Could Live Without Tv?

Topics: Television, BBC, Vacuum tube Pages: 1 (283 words) Published: February 11, 2013
Nowadays television has become an essential thing in every family. Televisions have sure play an important role people's everyday live where some actually plan their time in front of television for their favorite shows. So could we actually live without tv? My answer is yes. 

First of all, there are many alternatives for television, such as internet. With the latest technology, we can easily find the information or entertainment we need from interest. For example, you would like to know more about an extinct animal. You may watch discovery channel on the television, but will interest you can ask any question you want. With the enormous database online, you can probably find almost all kind of answers for any question. Not to mention, you can access with IPhone, IPad anywhere anytime. 

Next, it is not health to seat in front of television for long period. Some people actually addicted to television where they soak themselves into coach and watch tv just because they are bored. It is not difficult to find research about people spending too much time on television and prevent themselves from spending time with families and friends. For instance, it will be healthier for one to join a sport team like basketballs and interact with others rather than spending a whole day with television on NBA. Furthermore, someone may overcome the shyness or social problem by doing this. 

To sum up, I do believe living without TV is an Okay for me. Since there are many alternatives available that you can access anytime anywhere, TV is not necessary for me. Spending time with friends is actually more fun and interest than watching TV. Therefore, I can live without TV.
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