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2 d) Social responsibility is a key component that dove thrives to achieve. Dove’s main goal is to establish a community with their various ways of promoting self-esteem, such as the Dove Sleepover for Self-Esteem and workshops. D)

The company structure
Unilever Leadership Executive (ULE) * Responsible for managing profit and loss, and delivering growth| Executive directors * Board of directors | Non-executive directors * The independent element in Unilever's governance| Senior corporate officers * Responsible for ensuring that the Board has the information they need.|

Hair care: Shampoo, Spray and Gel
Skin Care: Soap and Moisturizer
f) Our product line would best fit under the personal care/ skin care product, since we are creating a new line of body lotion. g) Revenue €51.32 billion (2012)….cld only find for the uk under the uniliver corporate rev 4. Even-though dove campaign is to widen the definition and discussion of beauty, and intends to change the beauty market; there has been few media battle. Even-though maturity of the people appreciated and thought it was major concern that needed that attention there were few negative criticisms. * Lucio Guerrero from Chicago-sun times dedicated an article on the campaign saying “Really the only time I want to see a thigh that big is in a bucket with bread crumbs on it…ads should be about the unrealistic, the ideal or unattainable look, for which so many people strive.” * Matt Katz gender columnist. Say that if dove is about promoting real beauty they should be campaign for men as well since men are increasingly more self-conscious about their looks, Katz adds “women can no longer claim a hold on vanity.”
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