Why Is Australia the Best Place on Earth

Topics: Australia, Albert Namatjira, Indigenous Australians Pages: 2 (841 words) Published: May 14, 2013
Why is Australia the best place on earth? It’s simply! The countries beautiful and vast landscape, the pristine beaches and warm climate along with the multicultural society, the mateship with one another, the aboriginal connection to the land and rich cultural history. Bruce Dawes demonstrates this in his poems “the beach” and “weapons training” along with the song “I am Australian” by Bruce Woodley and the movie “Red Dog.” All of these imply that Australia is the best place on earth. Bruce Dawes poem, the beach, represents how Australia is the best place on earth. The beach is a part of Australian identity & distinguishes whoever you are or where you come from in Australia, you can always belong at the beach. This is because the beach culture is a part of our lifestyle. The alliterative phrase from the poem “then the Spartan swimmer, leathery from salt & sun” encourages the reader to believe that Australians are part of a culture where people enjoy the outdoors and are resilient and tough. Also the phrase “the indistinct appearing and disappearing dots of surfers” brings to mind the surfing culture where people are also sport oriented, laid back and happy. This poem supports the idea that everyone can be a part of this culture. This type of living certainly establishes Australia as being the best place on earth. Bruce Dawes other poem weapons training, establishes a view of a sergeant addressing a bunch of newly recruited troops in a blunt and confronting manner. The sexual reference within the poem “the cock-pit drill when you go down be sure the old crown-jewels are safely tucked away” indicates Australians as stereotypically having some sense of humour. Whether sexual or crude this leads the audience to believe that most Australians have this trait and because of this Australia becomes the beast place on earth. The hyperbolic phrase at the end of the poem said by the sergeant “you know what you are? You’re dead, dead, dead” reflects the officer as not...
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