Who Should Be Responsible for Television Violence?

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Who should be responsible for Television Violence?
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Who should be responsible for Television Violence?
Can we afford to continue ignoring the connection between television violence and the increase in mass murders? The answer is no. We have to take a stance now and fight for stricter regulations by the government and the Federal Communications Committee (FCC). Television has been associated with influencing controversial acts since the beginning of its creation. One of the most recent acts that television is being blamed for is the violence associated Columbine High School murders in 1999. Many adults enjoy the entertainment of bad cop versus good cop, as well as the violent acts that are performed by both parties to get to the bottom of the case. However, are shows like CSI, Blue Bloods and Law and Order responsible for the violent acts done in society? Is there a connection between these shows and children who commit horrendous acts of violence? According to Leonard Eron, Senior Research Scientist at University of Michigan, “Television alone is responsible for 10% of youth violence”. There needs to be stricter laws to help eliminate many hours of television violence on air. This is a community effort in which action must be taken now. The government should have stricter policies in place for the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to regulate. The FCC should be regulating television violence like they regulate sex, nudity and foul language.

Television is an enjoyable time for most families. It has been used in many ways to assist parents in their everyday routines. The option of television allows many parents to sit their kids in front of a box and complete tasks like work from home or preparing dinner. Children watch on average four hours a day of television (“Children”, 2011). During these times they are influence by many shows including cartoons with violent content. According to the Media Education...

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