What is Service Blueprint?

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What is service blueprint?
As the name suggests it is concerned with the service process and described as the tool for operational planning giving guidance on following aspects such as how it will be provided, staff actions, physical evidence and most importantly how it is needed to be delivered to its channels. In other words it is describing and developing the service process. Let the blue print be in any form, Flow Charts or Graphics it should convey the different modes or channels via which the service delivery is maintained. It’s a basis for the customer or clients interactions which shall mention the physical evidence, front and back line staff action and the support system. In other words, it distinguishes or separates the customer interaction at both stages Front and back line of service production. There are some basic parameters or components that further explain service blueprint are discussed below:

1.Customer Actions:
This is the basic reason why the service blue prints are designed differently as the client’s nature and the actions are different and they are chronologically depicted on the top. Customer’s action involves all important steps which a client takes in service process.

2. Front Stage Action:
This parameter is totally distinguished from clients by interaction line. The front line actions of working employee include the face to face interaction with the customers and are the moment to capture the moment of truth as the client will cross the interaction line.

3.Back Stage Action:

This is the most significant aspect of the service process, as the client has seen the visible aspect but everything which is beneath is still to be seen and this is the hidden parameter helping the process as it is distinguished by the line of visibility.

4.Support Process:

There is a line of internal visibility or interaction between backstage action and the support processes. Here is the most intangible aspect arises for the company...
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