Web-Based Customer Service

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MKT 121: Customer Service

Question 2: Summarize the advantages and disadvantages of Web-based customer service.

The internet has become the new path for providing customer assistance, providing a space for searching and shopping. As the technology is develops, clear advantages and disadvantages to customer service relationships have presented itself.

One of the advantages of a website include increased exposure, with the ability reach customers on a global level. The web provides the ability to access customers that were previously out of reach---in other states, countries, etc. It is the ideal sales channel, and with the increased exposure comes increased sales.

Another benefit to internet presence is that the boost in online attendance can reduce your marketing costs and the need to spend money to reach the vast public. The cost per transaction for web-based customer service is much less expensive as well. Adding your company to the internet can provide an all-around cost savings to you.

Although customer service levels can improve with a website, there is a potential for poor customer service as well. There are some things to consider when building a functional, customer service oriented website. Some suggestions are discussed below.

To alleviate potential issues the web site should contain a FAQs section, which provides the customer with a knowledge base. Customers should also have the ability to ask questions as needed. However, any questions asked via email should be answered within 24 hours. Another great tool is live chat where the customer can communicate in “real time”. If online chat is offered, the customer can reach representatives and have answers to their questions more rapidly.

Another factor to consider is regarding the appearance of your internet site. The website should be functional and esthetically pleasing. The customer should be able to navigate the site easily too. Also, you should consider tracking...
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