Ways to Maintain Health

Topics: Nutrition, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Exercise Pages: 2 (513 words) Published: May 22, 2013

Nowadays, there are more people suffering from various type of diseases. Although people today is having a more comfortable living than ever. The creation of scientist enable people today live in a high technology world. People can done most of the things by just sit in front of the computer at home. For instance, people can play games, online chat using webcam, online shopping, search for any information, and even made payment of electricity and water bills through internet. Therefore, one should find out the ways to maintain health.

First of all, one should have a regular exercise. Exercise is any movement that works one’s body at a greater intensity than usual level of daily activity. For example, a short walk or bike rede, dancing or swimming. It is advisable to do exercise two or three times per week for at least three hours per day. This is due to calories burnt during excercising which can help to decrease one’s cholestrol level and eventually the body weight been controlled. Besides that, sweating makes one’s mind become fresh and improves mood in order to feel happier and more relaxed. Thus, one should have a regular exercise to get healthier.

Second, one’s eating habit should be changed. Eat according to food pyramid is better which means eat more vegetables which providing various type of vitamins to one’s body. As old saying goes, “One day one apple, keep the doctor away”. So, one’s should eat more fruits to prevent constipation. Furthermore, less intake of high calory food will preventing anyone from any high risk diseases as well such as diabetes, high blod pressure, heart attack and so on. “The first wealth is health”, said by Ralph Waldo Emerson. Hence, one should have a balanced diet to make sure that one’s body get the right nutrition.

Last, sleep is a crucial part in one’s daily life. Sleep is a natural periodic state of rest for the mind and body. Everyone should get...
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