Violence on Television and Its Effects on Children

Topics: Aggression, Violence, Television Pages: 3 (1079 words) Published: November 20, 2013
Like every school shooting, like last December’s terrible massacre in Newtown, questions about violence in the media and their connections to real-life violence starts to surface. Ultimately, there were reports that the sandy Hook shooter Adam Lanza was a fan of the bloody Call of Duty video games. Almost 13 years after columbine, the connection is still murky. With a click of the button, the viewing possibilities are endless. Television has changed the world and how we use it. There are literally hundreds of different channels to choose from in each household. News, sitcoms, reality tv, cartoons, cooking shows, and music videos fill our airways. Having so many viewing options, deciding what he or she should be watching has become a great concern, especially when it comes to young children. No wonder that households throughout the world have parental controls from the violent and overly aggressive acts on television. There has been plenty of evidence that suggest that children viewing violent and aggressive behavior on tv, does in deed affect them. Accrouding to Effects of Media Violence on Children, visual media can both educate and misinform children. While kids can learn the alphabet and grammar, watch fascinating wildlife and nature shows, and be inspired by accomplished cultural icons, parents should be aware of when their child's media viewing exposes him to images and ideas beyond entertainment and education. Children have youthful thinking, they are great Imitators. They have imaginary play and recite their favorite characters. Children always imitate what they see. I’m sure if you ask any parent who child born in the late 80’s early 90’s learned their ABC’s and numbers by watching Sesame Street. All the parents will tell you that from watch Big Bird, Ernie, and other characters reciting the alphabet over and over. So if children constantly watch violent television he or she would like to recite what they saw and heard. After repeated viewing their...
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