Violence and Television

Topics: English-language films, Personal life, Sex and the City Pages: 1 (366 words) Published: May 26, 2012
I had always been a big fan of mystery crime television series. I rent, record or search for my favorite current show whenever I can. It is considered a hobby for me, but an addiction according to my friends. Either way, it had never stop from doing it because these shows are just out there, and anyone knows how to work the remote control. However, It always wonder my mind that these are good source of ideas for any potential person who’s about to commit one “Crime”. But who should be responsible for this, the network or the person? Furthermore, what about the young generation that’s been exposed to this? Would it influence them? It is a fact that the media have a saying on our daily life, and in the way we live. I have lived so many trends on fashion, music, ideology, and in my life style as well. I wear black because it makes me look thinks according to Carry from “Sex and The City”, hate my ex-boyfriend because he didn’t treat me right because I am reminded of it in Adele’s songs, my child can be president since Obama had prove that anything is possible, and finally I am aware of our ecological impact on earth, I am a green person ecofriendly individual. Everything that surrounds me has an influence on me, and I think this applies to everyone. Even though, i should it know better not to be watching the type of shows that portraiyed crume as an entertainment, I’ve had not always been doing so. I started to like it five years ago when I was 25. It had to do with my coming to this city, and found my tv one of the most desirable unescapable moments while at home. However, I can’t imagine the influence that it would it have on me since a yournger age. In the essay “TV Violence:Does it cause real-life mayhem” by susan R. Lamson, its clear by facts that Violence exposure had an impact on crimes rate. We are becoming more addictive and insensitive to it, and explode by big corporations since they make a profit out of it.
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