Uses and Gratifications Theory

Topics: Television, Religious broadcasting, Television programming Pages: 2 (778 words) Published: May 5, 2011
Avie Jones
April 24, 2011
COM-126 Comm. and the Media
Toni Bower
Uses and Gratifications Theory Applied to Religious ProgrammingFirst I have a reaction to the article “Why do people watch religious television”. In addition, it gave way to thinking of what other research could be performed on programming using the uses and gratifications approach. The article also included the topic of “reactionary” usage of religious programming, which is programming that people watch when there is no other program on that they want to watch. The reaction that I had to the article “Why do people watch religious television” was surprised that so many people now are watching religious programming on television. I can see where this can be true in today’s world. Many more people are living with cable or satellite television making it easier to watch religious programs from home. I guess I had not thought of it before now because growing up you had to go to the church to get your religious teachings and back then not everyone had a television.I do feel like more people will have access to religious teachings via the television than going to the church. There are many people who can not afford a vehicle to get them back and forth to church. And many more this day and time who can not afford the gas to get them back and forth. But ninety-nine percent of people have at least one television in their home making it the more obvious choice. ( )Social scientist and learned observers agreed that the audience for religious broadcasting is typically older, poorer, and less educated than the average American viewer. (Abelman, 1987) Older people may not be in good enough shape to actually get out and go to church because of health issues. So therefore they have to stay home and watch the religious programs. This is their way of still worshipping God. Again I go back to the paragraph before where I said that many...

Abelman, R. (1987, December). Why do people watch religious TV: A uses and gratification approach? Cleveland, Oh: Review of Religious Research. 29:2
Theories of Mass Communication, Fifth Edition, by Melvin L. DeFleur and Sandra J. Ball-Rokeach. Published by Longman. Copyright © 1989 by Longman.
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