Uses and Absues of Tv

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Television: Uses and Abuses
Television is the mirror of life. It represents life as it really is. There is very little scope of manipulating the originality. It is today's one of the prime media which can be used as a medium of learning for the mass in general. Various programmes are telecasted in order to generate awareness among the people relating to health and hygiene, nutrition, family planning and spread of harmful diseases. Through these programmes, common people come to know about spread and prevention of diseases like AIDS, cancer and about the facts and myths about them. Through television people get glimpses of culture, lifestyle, and places of interest within the country as well as abroad. This has given rise to the concept of global village and has reduced cultural distance. Without any doubt, watching TV is a good way of getting informed. Watching news gives a good insight into what really is happening in the world. To many, watching news on TV is also more convenient and enjoyable than reading a newspaper or a magazine. Another aspect of television is the news that we get of different places far and near. It substantiates the news along with live pictures which act as a testimony to it. It also shows all religious functions/festivals and regular preaching of saints and religious gurus. Many channels are there on T.V which adds to our knowledge like business, tourism, discovery channels etc. Historical movies are good for everyone to know about the history. One of the best uses of Television is that there are open educational channels which help students to learn and earn while sitting at their homes. In case of emergency/urgency, one can alert/warn the citizens through T.V. Live operations are shown on T.V like when Hotel Taj (Mumbai) was attacked by Pakistani terrorists or when Laden was killed by American Navy. These all had a great impact on people. Polling during elections or counting of votes or election results are shown live on T.V....
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