Uop Humanities 176 Week 8 Assignment

Topics: Television, Culture, Newspaper Pages: 4 (1410 words) Published: August 14, 2012
Part One
“You are the chief editor of a large metropolitan daily newspaper. One of your reporters is caught fabricating sources and making up facts. How do you handle the situation, from disciplining the reporter to explaining it to your readers?”

I would have to say that I would handle the situation by firing the person who was involved with the fabrication of sources and facts. I would fire the person because I feel that the integrity of that persons work would always be in question as well as the newspaper would be questioned as to having reliable reporters so long as that person kept his or her job. How I would break the information to the public would be by making the story a front page leading story to be able to show everyone that we are not hiding behind a questionable reporter and that we are acknowledging the problem, had a solution for the problem, and will address the problem publically. I believe that a newspaper or news source needs to be honest and not have its integrity questioned. If someone is caught outright lying I know I would never trust that person or newspaper so long as that person is still associated with it. I know it sounds drastic but I believe that honesty and reliability are some of the core responsibilities of a newspaper and thus if anyone works there that has questionable traits or is caught outright lying that paper will never be able to come back from that negative image so long as that person is writing for the paper or is involved with the paper at all. Integrity is a core component for writing factual evidence, and outright lying brings into question what the motivations are for the reporter, and not only that, everything that the reporter has written previously will be questioned because if the person has lied for one report what reassurance do the people have for the fact that the reporter has not lied before? I feel that acknowledging the problem by making it a cover story for the paper is the only way to honorably...
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