Understanding Customer Experience

Topics: Customer service, Customer relationship management, Sales process engineering Pages: 13 (3342 words) Published: May 8, 2013
Telixo Consulting (Pty) Ltd.
Copy for Vusi Thembekwayo
Proposal for Ackermans Ltd.
Ackermans contact persons:
Ms Louise Hamman
Marketing Director

Telixo Consulting contact person:
Mr Thami Xango
Chief Executive

18 January 2013

Statement of Confidentiality and Non-disclosure.
This document contains proprietary and confidential information. All data and information submitted to Vusi Thembekwayo, and any of his representatives, is provided in reliance upon his consent not to use or disclose any information contained herein except in the context of dealings with Mr T.C. Xango and/or Telixo Consulting (Pty) Ltd. The recipient of this document agrees to inform his employees and partners who view or have access to the document’s contents of its confidential nature. The recipient agrees to inform each employee that they must not disclose any information concerning this document to others except to the extent that such matters are generally known to, and are available for use by, the public. The recipient also agrees not to duplicate or distribute or permit others to duplicate or distribute any material contained herein without T.C. Xango’s express written consent. T.C. Xango retains all title, ownership and intellectual property rights to the material contained herein. BY ACCEPTANCE OF THIS DOCUMENT, THE RECIPIENT AGREES TO BE BOUND BY THE AFOREMENTIONED STATEMENT. Table of contents

1. Introduction
2. Problem background
3.1. Client & industry analysis
3.2. Conventional consulting back draws
3.3. Customer experience survey
3.4. Problem statement
3. Proposed solution
4.5. Services description
4.6. Audit process
4. Costs
5. Conclusion
* Appendix
- Surveillance equipment

1. Introduction
Telixo Consulting (Pty) Ltd. hereinafter referred to as Telixo Consulting, Telixo and 'we'; is a provider of Efficiency, Customer Experience and and Integrity Auditing services. The company was established in 2011 as a result of the efforts of Mr Thamsanqa C. Xango.

The goal of this proposal is to present the range and value of Telixo's service to Ackermans Ltd. Hereinafter referred to as Ackermans, the client and the business; and this document is one step in the process. It also serves to indicate the the high value of Telixo's services to businesses that depend on happy customers and for referrals and return business, and happy, efficient workers for high productivity.

With the increase of people entering the middle-income group in South Africa, it's deemed important to keep customer service high to stay competitive. Price sensitivity is ever-increasing, therefore businesses cannot afford to give customers more reasons to move to cheaper competitors. Tom Peters, international author & speaker on business management practices quoted: "What causes customers to move from one store to another?

14% because of price.
15% because of quality.
71% because of lousy service"

2. Problem background
Businesses with daily human interaction understand that consumer satisfaction (during & post service) is of high importance to create and maintain a loyal customer base, and to boost referral rates. An unhappy customer can cause serious damage to a business’s image via word of mouth. Management therefore, needs a clear and accurate picture on where they stand concerning customer service quality. It needs to know how its staff deals with customers during different scenarios that could result in an unhappy customer. Customer relationship management systems already being utilized by businesses aren’t as efficient as necessary when dealing with people. No system, in any organization, for any reason, is ever efficient if team members(HR) are not fully trained, on-board and have an understanding of what the systems in place need to accomplish. The importance of people (internal/external) to any organization is a notion that...
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