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United Commercial Bank Limited gets awarded on 1st School Banking Conference 2013
United Commercial Bank Limited (UCB) was awarded at the event of 1st School Banking Conference 2013 held at Bangladesh Bank Training Academy. Dr. Atiur Rahman, Governor, Bangladesh Bank inaugurated the conference. Managing Director of UCB, Mr. Muhammed Ali received the award from Dr. Atiur Rahman, Governor, Bangladesh Bank. Among others Mr. Md Zafar Iqbal, professor at Shahjalal University of Science and Technology; Mr. Nurul Amin, chairman of Association of Bankers Bangladesh; Mr. Shitangshu Kumar Chowdhury, Deputy Governor of Bangladesh Bank were also present at the conference. United Commercial bank Limited is firmly focusing on the school banking programme which is children banking services to make the ‘future generation’ more aware about money and its management.


Product Name Rate
Home Loan 18.00%
Home Mortgage 18.50%
Auto Loan19.00%
Advance Against Salary 19.00%
Doctors Loan 18.50%
Education Loan 18.50%
Household Durable Loan 19.00%

Interest Rate on Deposits

Sl#Type of DepositsRate of Interest
(% p.a.)
w.e.f 05.05.2013
01Special Notice Deposit (SND):
A.Below Tk. 5.00 Crore 4.00%
B.Tk. 5.00 Crore and above but below Tk. 25.00 Crore 5.00%
C.Tk. 25.00 Crore and above but below Tk. 50.00 Crore 6.50%
D.Tk. 50.00 Crore and above but below Tk. 100.00 Crore 7.50%
E.Tk. 100.00 Crore and above but below Tk. 200.00 Crore8.00%
F.Tk. 200.00 Crore and above10.00%
02Savings Deposit (SB):
A.Below Tk. 1.00 Crore 4.50%
B.Tk. 1.00 Crore & above but below Tk. 5.00 Crore 5.00%
C.Tk. 5.00 Crore & above but below Tk. 10.00 Crore 8.00%
D.Tk. 10.00 Crore & above10.00%
03Fixed Deposit (FDR):
A.For 1 (One) month & above but below 3 (Three) months
i) Below Tk. 10.00 Crore10.50%
ii) Tk. 10.00 Crore & above11.00%
B.For 3 (Three) months & above but below 6 (Six) months 12.00%
C.For 6 (Six) months & above but below 12 (Twelve) months 12.25%
D.For 12 (Twelve) months and above 12.50%

Interest Rate on Lending

Sl#Categories of LendingMid rate (% p.a) w.e.f 11.02.2013Maximun rate (% p.a) w.e.f. 11.02.2013 1.Agriculture 13.00
2.Term Loan to Large & Medium Scale Industry15.00
3.Term Loan to Small Enterprise 15.00
4.Working Capital on Industrial Sector
a.Working Capital to Large & Medium Scale Industry16.00
b.Working Capital to Small Enterprise 17.00
5.Exports 7.00
6.Commercial Lending
a. Import Financing.
(Rice, Wheat, edible Oil Pulses, Chick- peas, Onion, Dates and Sugar) 12 items.16.00
b. Import Finance (others) 16.50
c. Other Commercial Lending 17.00
7.House Building Loan (Except Retail) 17.50
8.Consumer/ Retail Credit 17.50
9.Credit Card 2.5% per month
10.Non Banking Financial Institution 16.50
11.Others (Loans & Advances other than the above sectors as given below)
a. Loans against FDRs issued by our Branches -3.00% above of the relevent FDR’s rate. However Rate may be reduced by competent authority of Corporate Office at higher margin
b. Loans Agianst DPS/MSS/Liability Products issued by our Branches 16.00
c. Loans/Advances agianst ICB units/ WEDBs/FDRs and other term deposit Receipts issued by other Banks 16.50
d. Transport Loan 17.50
e. LBPD/FBPD 16.50
f. Force Loan (OAP/ Converted Term Loan/Converted Time Loan) 18.00

*It may be mentioned here that the Branches will charge interest @1.50% above the mid-rate for existing credit facilities.

May 30, 2011

Alhaj Akhtaruzzaman Chowdhury, MP elected Chairman of UCB

Alhaj Akhtaruzzaman Chowdhury MP, the Chairman of Parliamentary Standing Committee for Textile and Jute Ministry has been elected as Chairman of United Commercial Bank Ltd. (UCB). It was unanimously decided in the...
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