TV: The Worst Invention Ever?

Topics: Television, Fireworks, Broadcasting Pages: 2 (553 words) Published: September 24, 2013
TV: The Worst Invention Ever?
Nowadays, TV has become a necessary part of people’s daily life. Some people believe that TV is destroying our society and is the worst invention ever. There is no denying that TV does have some drawbacks to society. For instance, watching too many TV shows wastes people’s time and hurts their eyes. In addition, broadcasting many diversions on TV can make people’s mind more superficial rather than reading books to do self-improvement. What’s worse, exaggerating actual news on TV may mislead society’s opinions toward truth. As depressed as it sounds, however, I don’t agree that TV is the worst invention ever. I believe TV’s advantages outweigh its disadvantages. As a matter of fact, TV inspired many other inventions created afterwards, acts as the connection of a family and motivates the country’s economy. To begin with, the reason I disagree TV is the worst invention ever is that TV played a basic role in creating other relative inventions afterwards. Though the majority of TV functions can be replaced by computers or iPads nowadays, TV led the technology trends and played an essential role in history. Based on TV technology, there comes VCD, DVD, HDTV, Internet TV, Blu-ray, and 3D. TV has been the main medium and broadcast material for many years and has enlarged its basic function to improve other technologies and products day by day. TV is the ancestor of modern broadcast. Another reason I oppose is that TV can share happiness with family members and make them united. For example, in China, almost every family watches The Spring Festival Gala broadcasted by CCTV (China Central Television) on New Year's Eve. The Spring Festival Gala contains various shows: song, dance, magic, comic dialogue, short act, etc. All the audiences may enjoy the show and get involved with them. While Chinese are watching the TV shows, they usually play mahjong, chat with each other, and eat the feast on New Year’s Eve. It is a tradition that we...
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