Tv Entertainment Homogeneity Analysis

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TV entertainment homogeneity analysis

In the background of economic globalization, China's TV industry in the rapid development momentum, with the development of market economy, the television in order to their own development, went the whole nine yards on the TV screen launched a fierce competition. And in this war, similar program form led to show the situation of homogeneity, the same kind of entertainment what especially. The so-called TV entertainment programs, that is, through certain intermediary form and public participation, in mutual communication form a kind of entertainment atmosphere program form [1], public participation, aesthetic, entertainment and appreciation and interest for outstanding features of TV programs. In reaction to the phenomenon, many scholars on the criticism, and called on the television entertainment programs to innovations and strengthen innovation consciousness, make distinctive personalized program, prominent brand. At the same time, also some people said, homogenization phenomenon is the emergence of the media market to control the manifestation of powerlessness. [2] but in scholars criticism, call at the same time, the homogenization phenomenon is still popular in entertainment programs, the same TV shows.

TV entertainment homogenization performance
China's TV entertainment programs are now people essential to life a TV dinner, in the face of more and more both CCTV or local TV entertainment programs, many are concentrated in the choice of the day off on prime time, so the audience in the broadcast concentration entertainment choose oneself to like to see, it caused each TV competition, in order to attract more viewers to watch their programs, improve their ratings, and TV entertainment program homogenization phenomenon is intensified.

The story of the program change trend is more and more strong No matter what kind of entertainment are telling a story to show ZhuDaXi, through the story to expansion program. In our country, the most common form of entertainment tells the story mainly includes the following categories:

1. Puzzle gaming class. "Happy dictionary", "with one enemy" and a series of as an example to tell about "competition story" primarily entertainment. In this kind of program, regardless of which a TV which a channel which a program, it is through the player competition intelligence to selection or promotion, the ultimate success, also is the reward, the difference between just show different problems, difficulty, the difference in the final in essence is to achieve success.

2. Draft class. "Happy female voice" and "very 6 + 1" and a series of as an example to tell about "growth story" primarily entertainment. In this kind of program, is based on a talent have a dream of the civilian population selection, in front of the TV through to display their talents to get the audience recognition and the final success, this kind of program for shows the audience's successful experience, make public can accompany players grow together, let the public see the growth of the players.

3. The game class. "Happy camp", "super big winners" and a series of as an example to tell about "the game story" entertainment. This kind of program is star guest on the game or and mass for interactive games is given priority to, give a person of life bring comfort and ease, strained life get a relaxation, to relieve people nervous.

Programs to more and more popular and popularization
Now whether a TV entertainment programs are mass is given priority to, try my best to do it easy to understand, do not let the audience feel puzzlement, doing so, however, the result is show no connotation, worldliness, as time passes can make the person produces tired, let the audience think watching entertainment as in the audience to see the clown show general, guests like be host or design good game when the monkey playing general in the stage. Such as "happy camp" NG60 second link, the link by...
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