Topics: Board of directors, Corporate governance, Fiduciary Pages: 3 (701 words) Published: February 9, 2014
Mr. Lancaster reported on damage caused by a “Nor’easter” storm that hit Shoetown in April. Damages amounted to approximately $50,000, just under the insurance deductible.
Mr. Unum reported that sales revenues are not meeting expectations, primarily because of parents’ growing disenchantment with spoiling their children; parents were no longer willing to buy $300 premium shoes for their kids as they did in previous years. Mr. Gorr concurred and mentioned something about “not sparing the rod.” In order to compensate for decreased sales, the Company has raised prices by about 10% with respect to product costs.

Mr. Lancaster lamented that the quality of Apollo products was too high—the shoes were just not wearing out fast enough. Mr. Lancaster also stated that because of the strength of current product lines and as a cost-cutting measure, he decided to stop research and development efforts on the Phoneshoe, thereby eliminating Research and Development expense for the current year. The development lab will be modified in 2012 to house a personal gym for corporate executives. Scientists working in the lab have been reassigned to maintenance duties elsewhere in the company. The Company has also saved postage and telephone expense through increased use of e-mail.

In other business, the board authorized the write-off of one account receivable for $8,810.13 for an account that had been outstanding for over a year. Mr. Lancaster noted that he did not anticipate any other write-offs during the year, or that “heads would roll!”

Mr. Unum moved that Apollo advance $1,000,000 to Mr. Lancaster’s personal secretary as a personal loan to cover personal legal expenses related to her previous employer. Mr. Unum further suggested that the promissory note plus accrued interest of 1% per year be due on June 30, 2048. Mr. Lancaster suggested that it be recorded in “other receivables,” rather than “employee advances” so as to not trouble shareholders with...
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