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Inseparability of production and consumption involves the simultaneous production and consumption which characterizes most services. Whereas goods are first produced then sold and then consumed, services are first sold, then produced and consumed simultaneously(Regan, 1963).Since the customer must be present during the production of many services, for example an airline trip, inseparability “forces the buyer into intimate contact with the production process”(Carmen and Langeard, 1980).Inseparability also means that the producer and seller are the same entity, making only direct distribution possible in most cases, in other words centralized mass production of services is difficult or almost impossible.Teare(1994) address that with inseparability, other customer relationships have great significance. For example distributors such as travel agencies or booking service provider and selling facilities, such as rooms or conference packages. These organisations often need incentives to encourage committed representation. The strategies that are then adopted by service firms are greatly influenced by this service characteristic. Since the consumer and service employee are involved in the service delivery production the firm can emphasize on selecting appropriate employees as well as train them on personnel hygiene, grooming and deportment aspects. The employees can also be given uniforms in order to associate the service delivery with quality of the service. The aspect of other customers affecting the service delivery system can be solved by managing customers. This can be done by implementing age restrictions for example no children in the restaurant, or even restricting a certain type of dress code. Having multi-site locations can also help market service products despite that centralise mass production being difficult. References

1. Teare R, Calve S and Costa J. (1994).Marketing Management: A resource –based approach for the hospitality and tourism...

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