Tips to Write a Customer Service Strategy Report

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Report structure

You report will not be accepted if you simply describe the customer care strategy of the organisation. You must evaluate the customer care strategy following three directions at below.

The suitability of the standards for customer care which have been set by your chosen organisation.

➢ set out the mission statement and/or company objectives of the organisation selected and comment on them in the light of good practice in relation to customer care which they have studied as part of the course. For example, they could state whether or not the mission statement conforms to good practice, in what ways it does so and/or in what ways it does not. They could state if (or to what extent) the objectives of the company are SMART (SMART 原则 S=Specific、M=Measurable、A=Attainable、R=Relevant、T=Time-based). (

➢ comment on the standards set by the organisation (or if there are none, they could comment on the lack of standards within the organisation). You could discuss how useful the standards are in achieving high levels of customer care and might suggest additional standards which could be included.

The effectiveness and efficiency of the organisation’s customer care strategy.

➢ This should build on the previous section you could comment on the extent to which organisations have met their objectives. You must ensure that any judgement made is evidence based and to that extent you should be encouraged to use company data, published statistics, existing feedback, newspaper articles, customer forums/blogs. You may use personal experience to enhance their discussion but as with all sources care should be exercised to ensure that any information presented is reliable.

Make proposals on ways to ensure continuous improvement of customer care in the organisation.

This part is likely to vary widely depending on the customer care strategy being evaluated. Any reasonable suggestions should...
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