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Tiered Service System

Tiered service system is that system which creates a fire fighting in the organization, this service possess no structure and no system and is responsible for problems and the people are in stress and in the position of frustration. No, if I owned my own business I would not provide my customers with a tiered service system because it is known as everyday fighting in the organization. My primary focus would be to resolve the problems and make my customers happy and satisfied. I would provide my customers with a great process structure and strong communication because it will help to create a great impact in terms of profitability and in terms of better results and better feedback. The five critical skills and competencies a customer service representative must possess are as follows:

A customer service representative is the major and the primary role in the field of organization especially in the service system and he or she should possess high skills and competencies to become the necessary and the responsible position for the organization. Those five critical skills are as follows:

1. Strong communication skills: The person should be well conversant with the communication and should have a great personality which reflect positive attitude and the customer can easily understand them.

2. Patience: The person should have the patient characteristics to resolve the issues and problems of the customer which is his main criteria. Patience can also be tested when patrons are unrealistic in their demands. Providing a number of solutions to a guest might never be enough, and workers must be patient in handling these unreasonable customers.

3. Appropriate Demeanor Authoritative: The customer service representative should also be authoritative and should focus on his own words and own attitude. Although jobs in customer service can require an authoritative attitude, a courteous disposition is still important. Information of...
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