Theories of Communication

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Theories of Communication- P2

Argyles Theory of communication (One-to-One)
Argyles theory of communication is that to learn communication skills and social skills there is a certain cycle that needs to be used this therefore involves translating or decoding what others have communicated. Argyle believes that this gives the individual an opportunity to adapt on their person behaviour so that at the end of the process they are able to communicate effectively. The cycle has different stages 1. The cycle will start when an idea is thought of so that the message can then be coded and sent. This stage involves the individual thinking in their head what they are going to be saying and they then need to ensure they get the message to the other individual clearly so that they can understand what the message is about. 2. The next step is therefore when the other person receives the message and it can be decoded. This stage means that they will be processing the message in the head thinking about the message and understanding it so that they are then able to go onto the third stage 3. This stage is the part where the individual responds to the message they have received and decoded, they then respond and the whole cycle will be repeated.

Example In My Placement:
In my placement at Linden Lea nursery they have corner that the children are able to go and read in and pick a book each week, there are pillows down in the area so that there is a relaxed atmosphere and I can go and sit with an individual child and read a book with them. When reading with the younger children I am able to ask questions about the book for example ‘who is your favourite person in the book?’ or ‘what part of the book do you think is the best bit?’ this therefore helps me to be able to see if the child is understanding the story or what parts they are understanding however they won’t feel pressured as they will be relaxed questions and it will be a relaxed conversation.

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