Then vs. now: Television

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Then vs. now: Television
Today’s society is constantly changing. New things are happening every second of every day. A huge change is today’s television. With all these new technologies and trends, vast changes are being made in the field of entertainment. How is one able to determine whether or not what one’s child is watching appropriate for them to see or hear? You can’t guarantee positive results in a child’s behavior if what they are putting inside of his/her brain is false assumptions of the world. So many things have been taken away from today’s television. We are straying away from the purpose of television in so many ways that keeping count would be an incredible waste of time.

So is it better or worse? Well, is brainwashing our children a good thing? No? Okay well there’s your answer. What we put on TV for our kids to watch is absolutely ridiculous and too far grown up for children under 13 to be watching. Sexual talk/content is often found in many of today’s Disney and Nickelodeon shows. It has come more involved with having boyfriends/girlfriends and how you need to be popular to get anywhere in life. All our child is getting out of it is what the directors put into it. The things put into the shows are only in there for their sake, to get money. 1 What’s aired on TV is what makes the most profit on popularity. Whereas a factual and knowledgeable channel like the History Channel is only viewed by an older crowd, not our future leaders of America.

The content revealed on some of these particular shows is extremely mature for the crowd it’s meant for. An appropriate age limit needs to be presented in the kid entertainment section. A lot of parents let their infants watch outrageous things on the TV. One might think, ‘hey, they’re young, they don’t know what it means’, but all of it is getting soaked into their little heads....
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