Theater, a Means of Entertainment

Topics: Television, Actor, 20th century Pages: 1 (592 words) Published: May 20, 2015
Theatre has become a rare means of entertainment, having been outrun by cinema, TV and Internet. Modern society lives in a world that is full of new technologies. Radio became a great and useful means of communication; Television is our main source of information and entertainment, which tells about events in the world, festivals and other interesting news. Modern computers "conquered" the world, becoming the most useful invention. But with the advent of high technology, humans and society began to forget about art, that was a tool of perfection of the soul. So, we face an important question today “can all these technologies outrun the cultural development of our generation, for example theatre?” Theatre provides us with a mirror of the society. And unlike the movie where we can’t see the real feeling of characters, because of thousand of takes (дубль) the theatre is here and now before you, actors on stage are alive and able to make mistakes. Many people think that theatre as a means of entertainment has been outrun by cinema, TV or Internet. But it is quite difficult to judge. Because theatre, cinema or Internet are completely different forms of art. Theatre is live communication actors and the audience. But the TV or Internet are sources of another kind of entertainment. What is more, we can say that the Internet is starting to outrun cinema. Because every new film people can find on the Internet and watch at home. But there is no opportunity to watch theatrical performance in front of the screen, because performance on the screen and on the stage before you are extremely different. Moreover, the government in every way supports the activity of theatres, because it plays a great role in society development. For ex. most performances are based on classic literature. And this support should be among the priorities of any state. One must admit that theatre is in a state of crisis, for one reason or another, financially and also from the point of view that...
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