The Reality Shows

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The reality show i would never participate in.

There are many TV shows around the world , some of them are very funny and meaningful, but there are some shows that are very, very pointless and outrageous. In that kind of shows the TV viewers make badly fun of the participants. And after the show they experience the pain of shame.

For example one of that reality shows is “Price of Truth” . If you are participant in that stupidity, they ask you very personal questions for a lot of money each. For example one of these question is “ Have you ever had perverted thoughts about your sister.” , this is unacceptable , you can’t humiliating people like this especially on air. For me dignity is more important than money and everybody should understand this. Reality shows must make people smile and relaxed from the horrible day , but this idiocy do the opposite. And the more important is that the children are watching this crap and its affect on their discipline and conversational vocabulary. And then we are mad at them without thinking whose fault is for their mistakes. But we can’t do anything about it , because nobody cares what we think , the people who can stop this shameful and harmful shows cares only about the money which are coming from these shows and they don’t see the consequences.

That’s why I would never be a participant in that kind of bullshit. I recommend you think about what are you going to watch or being participant in.
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