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Media of the UK consist of several different types of Communications: TV, radio, newspapers, magazines and websides

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British people watch a lot of television. They are also reported to be the the world’s most dedicated home-video users.

Watching TV is the most common leasure activity for 8/10 men and women. In 2008 on average people spent 26 hours per week watching TV. People in non-manual occupation watched about 7 hours less per week than those in manual occupation.

The most popular TV programes are the news (local, national) watched by 65%, Film 61%, comedy 54% and life sport51%

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We can divide british TV into 2 groups PUBLIC and COMMERCIAL The mother of information services is BBC.

The BBC is the world's oldest and largest broadcaster, and is the country's principal public service broadcaster. The BBC is funded primarily by a television licence and from sales of its programming to overseas markets. It does not carry advertising. All the households with a ttelevision reciever have to pay the licence and the fee is determined by periodic negotiation between the government and the BBC.

The first Broad Cast by the BBC was from Alexander Palace in London in 1936 to a very small audience. It now provides 8 digital public channels in the UK

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On the other hand we have commercial televisions
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There are 3 commercial TV national networks
ITV or channel 3 started in 1954),
Channel 4, launched 1982
channel 5. 1997

ITV have 24 hours broadcasting
All the channels except 4 are obliged by law to be impartial and neutral in dealing with social and political affarirs

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These are the channels which all viewers in the country receive

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the top twenty television programmes in the first week of february 1994
The ratings are dominated by the soaps

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The two most popular and long running of these, which are shown...
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