The Importance of Television

Topics: Television, Television program, Reality television Pages: 3 (981 words) Published: December 13, 2009
MANILA, MAY 25, 2006 (STAR) STARBYTES By Butch Francisco - With the exception of Nestor Torre and Edmund Sicam, reviewers who came before me looked down on television and belittled my efforts writing critiques on TV programs. As far as they were concerned, film was the superior medium and definitely more sophisticated. But look at local cinema now. While the Philippine movie industry is breathing its last (but I sure hope it gets resuscitated – and I’m positive it would soon come back to life), television is in its full glory, never mind if there are only two major TV stations fighting it out in the race. From my end, I knew the importance of television – even from the beginning, even when I was still a child. Here are some of the reasons why television had always been important in my life: The TV set was my baby-sitter – All my relatives remember that it was my maternal grandmother who took care of me and reared me as a child. Of course, my beloved grandmother did and I will always be grateful to her for that. But my grandmother also had her own life. She also had a house of her own and a husband to look after and there were periods when we were apart. During those times, the househelp looked after me and to get me off their back (they had other chores to finish), they made me watch all the TV I wanted. (I also needed my own space – away from them.) In today’s world where both father and mother have to work, television plays an even more crucial part because it has to baby-sit children for longer hours, while the parents are away – and while the househelp does other chores. Of course, it is also important that a child’s TV viewing is monitored. If both parents have to work, either father or mother (or preferably both) should make a list of TV shows the kids can watch – with the guardian seeing to it that it is followed and implemented. And yes, I still believe that TV viewing among kids should be regulated and limited to a certain...
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