The Impact of Tv

Topics: Television, Cerebral cortex, Psychology Pages: 2 (363 words) Published: May 7, 2013
The Television impact on us…
T.V the electronic machine is considered as a big revolution in our life , which can easily go around the world by changing or just by clicking the remote control there is no daut that nobody have TV in this days not only one in the house but one in each room. I agree that TV is a good resources to get information but not everything TV gives us is good. Today we are going to speak about the negative impact of TV on us specially children in our age and below. First the TV impact on our box I mean our brain , the brain which is controlling all your body activities. The study shows that watching TV may hamper development of the pre- frontal cortex. The area of brain responsible for : * Planning.

* Organizing.
* Sequencing.
For self control , moral judgment and attention.
The second negative impact is on our health…
We can effected by obesity easily when you watching TV watching more eating more gaining weight more So desisess can easily enter our body like kids sugar which more popular now between children . The third impact on our social life so it impact on our in said social life and out said social life… So we preferred to watching TV than to set with our families on chatting with them or asking them about their health or career and we also preferred to watch TV or playing games than to visit our grandmother our to meet our friends in a mall. By this bad habit we losing our social life and gaining more bad habit which will effect on our behavior with our family and friends. The last impact is on school…

We mean on your performance in school and on your ability to learn become less because of your brain is stop consternating and has being interrupted by TV so it stopped thinking properly so in this case you are losing again . So our I advice to you can’t stop watching TV but you can manage your time between watching TV And other duties.

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Rashed Saif
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