The Impact of Human and Computer Interaction

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Odyssey Arena
Virtual Information System

Human Computer Interaction is the interaction between users and computer. The interaction occurs at the user interface which includes both software and hardware. On the user interface objects or characters are displayed on a monitor. Inputs can be received from users via hardware peripherals e.g. keyboard. Human Computer Interaction has six usability goals which are effectiveness, efficiency, safety, utility, ability to learn and memorability. Organizational and cultural issues have become critical factors in the design of interfaces that allow people to use increasingly diverse and personal software and hardware settings.

‘Users R Us’ has been approached by the organisers of Odyssey Arena to design a prototype for a ‘walk up and use’ virtual information system. The idea being that the system will be located in busy areas of the stadium in order to take the pressure from the main enquiry desk. The public will be able to obtain information about the arena’s facilities, including up and coming events, refreshments and public conveniences. They will also be able to obtain local information including food and drink, hotel and travel. Should this project be successful business will be available from other stadiums.

The impact of Human Computer Interaction (HCI) on
Human Computer Interaction has improved the usability/user friendliness for many different types of technology enabling society to interact with technology devices with ease. Without the improved usability/user friendliness of technology, it would inaccessible to people who are computer illiterate. People will use/purchase the types of technology they find easiest and most convenient to use.

Some types of technology/devices that use HCI and have impacted on society Mobile phones
Mobiles phones today are the most used technology device in our society. They are designed to be user friendly so all of society can avail of them. They now allow people to do much more than simply make a call. They allow the user to make payments, play games and browse the internet plus much more. Interfaces for hostile environments

These interfaces have been created so that dangerous environments can be explored in complete safety. A well know example of this are aerial drones. These are used in warzones so a pilot can monitor enemy territories remotely. These types of interfaces are also used in environments such as volcanoes to collect samples. Touch screens

Touch screen interfaces are now the new standard for portable technology and virtual systems e.g. Tesco self service checkouts and Boots Advantage card kiosks. Touch screens allow the user to navigate with on screen icons, which is known as a Graphical User Interface. This is a simpler input for users enabling users with no computer experience to use these types of technology devices with ease. Specialised interfaces

Computers are now more widely available and are used by wider variety of people. Some of these users will have visual impairments, therefore interfaces now have features to allow the user to alter size of text, change the colour of the text or the background to make it easier to see. (More on this in the presentation How Human Computer Interaction can be adjusted to suit specialist needs) Heads up display

Heads up displays (HUD) were originally designed for aircraft but they can now be seen in cars and mobile phone apps. They display information on screen without distracting the user from their normal viewpoint. For example, they let the driver know important information like how fast they are going and the distance between the cars in front, all without taking their eye off the road. In aircraft they allow pilots to see all the information they need on screen so they would only need to be looking forward enabling them to concentrate on flying.

The impact of Human Computer Interaction (HCI) on the
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