The Future of Customer Experience and Customer Service by Blackberry

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Brief of the case study:
The Future of Customer Experience And Customer Service By BlackBerry I have chosen a video released by BlackBerry recently, as my case study for this assignment. This case study makes us aware of the potential future of customer experience management with the advances in technology.

Customer experience (CX) is the sum of all experiences a customer has with a supplier of goods or services, over the duration of their relationship with that supplier. From awareness, discovery, attraction, interaction, purchase, use, cultivation and advocacy. It can also be used to mean an individual experience over one transaction; the distinction is usually clear in context. Analysts and commentators who write about customer experience (CX) and customer relationship management have increasingly recognized the importance of managing the customer's experience. Customers receive some kind of experience, ranging from positive to negative, during the course of buying goods and services.

BlackBerry takes a look into the future of customer experience. This video depicts what the future of retailing could look like in the near future.

A young woman uses mobile technology to identify, search and buy an outfit for a wedding and to interact with retailers in the online and physical worlds. This video also details how retailers can use mobile technology in the future to collaborate, and respond faster to trends and customer demand.

This video shows how businesses could use integrated social networking to better serve customers and to improve employee collaboration and engagement. A fictional utilities company uses social networking to track, respond and improve their customer experience and service levels whilst increasing staff productivity. In this video, existing technologies have been re-imagined with smarter devices and better experiences. It showcases device integration, sharing and social networking, e-commerce, retail management systems, GPS tracking, mobile payment systems and augmented reality. BlackBerry takes a look at the impact mobile technology could have in the future of customer service.

Analysis of the case
The Future of Customer Experience? It's Getting Personal

No matter what business, a growing percentage of customers are nearly always connected, with instant access to more advanced tools and detailed information than many enterprises had just a few years ago.These smart, digitally empowered consumers and businesses have the power to behave in a far smarter and better-informed manner than ever before. This power has also radically changed customer expectations, driving demand for better, more innovative, and personalized products, services, and experiences. 

This should come as no surprise to any executive. Given a choice, each of us (as well as our customers) prefers experiences tailored to our unique wants and needs. Firms that are best able to do so have significant competitive advantage over those that cannot. Though the promise–and power–of personalization has been at the forefront of marketing theory for some time, its widespread application to customer experience is only just beginning. Today, disruptive digital innovation is changing the ways companies serve their customers, as well as the ways these customers expect to be treated.

Personalization is the Foundation Of Innovative Customer Experience. In the age of smart customers, personalization is the future of experience. Mass production and consumption of news, entertainment, products, and services have already lost the battle, giving way to personalization and customization. Apps such as Zite and Flipboard allow each of us to totally personalize the ways we consume news. Amazon has personalized the ways we shop, and Netflix and Hulu how we watch movies, TV, and other media programming. Pandora serves up increasingly personalized musical streams based on a...

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