The Effects Television Has on Our Society

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December 2, 2012

Television effects on our society
Television has been around for years, now in nearly every single household there is at least of television set. We have made it part of our everyday life necessities; to watching the news, movies, soap operas, reality shows, to even being our very own computer. Since the appearance of TV there has been speculations, weather if it’s good for you or not. The Television’s arrival in American homes is a primary cause of varies effects on the human bean. Mitchell Stephens claims that reading has almost banished from the lives of our society due to television. He discusses how times now differ a lot, compared to how it used to be thirty years ago. According to Stephens “A mode of thinking is being lost….We are losing a sort of psychic habit, a logic, a sense of complexity”. In making this comment, he believes the loss of reading is being deeply affected, especially on the younger generations and is becoming troubled with certain things such as SAT scores as well as academic work. He states because of the advancement of our technology, bookshelves and study dens have been invaded by flat screens and Nintendo’s. A piece technology that was designed to bring family together, has distorted them instead (127). By trying to prove his points, when Stephens goes out to socialize with his associates he kindly asks them in a matter of not embarrassing them if they have read any books recently, which mostly resulted in a no. “We’re too busy working or working out or playing or –OK, let’s admit it—watching TV” (127). We ourselves tend to make any excuse in why we don’t have time to read, we’re so distracted other things, including television. Although people might say we still read if not read even more than we use too. But what they don’t realize is that reading a text message or just reading a sign makes you able to read. It doesn’t help you build your vocabulary or help you construct a proper letter...
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