The Effects of Television on Society

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Shawna-Lyn Cole

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The Negative Effects of the Television on Society

From past to present, the World has become a remarkable area due to new innovations such as social and technological ones. Also, these innovations influence on society because innovations are not casual things to accept immediately and when they exist in life, community is altered thoroughly. In addition, technological innovations have more essential effects than social innovations because in this century technology settles in human’s lives significantly, and this condition is increasing steadily due to them. Furthermore, some of them are really important for society; for example, television. Although the TV affects people positively, most people get affected negatively as it causes communication disorders and medical issues.

Communication is the most important way to connect to people each other. However, after the innovation the TV has been appeared in the world, it disrupts communication by affecting literacy and relationship. Firstly, it influences literacy due to showing movies on TV. Nowadays, cinema directors prefer to make a film that is also a novel which means the movie industry expands its policy and it varies style of movies, thereby the percentage of spectators is increasing significantly and also people prefer to watch the same article of movie on TV instead of reading the same article of book. Also, this condition causes to illiteracy on society because in community books are not popular and they seem to dull and long activities. In addition, people do not try to read them to gain benefits; however, movies on TV seem to amusing and more useful items so people spend time with it so much time more than reading and then all of these conditions create the illiteracy because reading provides new words and reminds how to use them, but televisions cannot. As a result, in society literacy plays a crucial role to...

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