The Effect On The Television

Topics: Television, Entertainment, Developed country Pages: 2 (565 words) Published: November 16, 2014
The Effect on the Television
Television is commonly accepted as the most popular media in the world at the twenty century. Due to the incredible invention of television, the living standards of humans have improved by providing lots of new capabilities. It is a powerful means of mass communication as well as the fastest mode of receiving any communication. This essay generally analyzes both positive and negative aspect of having television entertainments. The television can be a great learning tool for certain situations. The popularity of the Educational Programs is rising in past ten year. According to a survey conducted by The University of Hong Kong, in 700 interviewees, more than 70% of them agree that TV is educational. The television is doing a great job of keeping kids educated and inspired in documentaries that can give a person a plethora of information; wild channels that tell about nature, animal’s habitat, history of living things; discovery channel that provide various information about destinations and so on which all have educational value. These programs are available for education in this type of technological society where TVs are dominating. Television provides a platform to entertainments on various aspects of life. There is wide range of channels available for each specific program; one just has to choose which one to get glued to. There were only national channels in the past, however with the onset of cable connections, the competitiveness of operators rise and now the availability of channels is endless. Fashion, cookery, sports, travel, movies and the list goes on for an individual to surf. With the advancement of technology across every nook and corner of the globe, today both developing countries and developed countries have televisions at every house. People get entertain easier because of the invention of television. As everything has its pros, it must have its cons. 

It is said that television may affect children’s mind...
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