The Difference Between Administrative Management and Professional Administration

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Discussed the difference between Administrative Management and Professional Administration

In any business venture the collective responsibility of the personnel running it, is to make it profitable and work with a common goal of giving it an annual growth. A good and disciplined administration combined with efficient management is the prerequisites for running a profitable business and giving it annual growth. Professional Administration and Administrative Management are like two hands of a business that work in synch to achieve the goals that are set by the organisation. Administration is sometimes used to refer to the activities of the higher level of the management group who determine major aim and policies. This can be called the broader use of the term which often used in government department (e.g. the civil service). It is also used in the narrow sense of controlling the day to day running of the enterprise. Administration on one hand provides the organisation with the required goals and workforce whereas management provided the means to achieve the goals effectively and efficiently. Brech defines administration as: ‘that part of the management process concerned with the institution (development) and carrying out of procedures by which the programme is laid down and communicated, and the progress of activities is regulated and checked against targets and plans.’ Robert C. Appleby (1994) describes administrative management as a sub-system within the total environment of an enterprise. The Institute of Administrative Management defined administrative management, within the context of office management, as: „that branch of management which is concerned with the services of obtaining, recording and analyzing information, of planning, and of communicating, by means of which the management of a business safeguards its assets, promotes its affairs, and achieves its objectives‟ The administrative management function facilitates planning, coordinating, directing and controlling activities across all functional areas in organizations. As such, it can be seen as the nervous system of organizations, directing and coordinating all parts and ensuring that the whole body functions smoothly and efficiently.

Administrative Management can also be said to be the process of creating information system and supervising its flow from, and to others within an organization. Most job functions within a business involve performing some form of administrative management in order to store and pass on information to those within the company who need to use it in order to contribute to the business.

Professional administration on the other hand is the study of contemporary organizational principles with an emphasis on their applications in the modern workplace whether in the administrative and leadership skills of private, public organization, and non-profit organizations. This discipline is closely associated with public administration. The International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP) defines administrative professionals or professional administrators as individuals who are responsible for administrative tasks and coordination of information in support of an office related environment and who are dedicated to furthering their personal and professional growth in their chosen profession.

Professional Administration is also about a framework of corporate governance, communication, and the handling of information, in a rational approach to identifying needs, making and implementing decisions, and monitoring and reviewing performance....

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