the day after

Topics: Board of directors, Decision making, Chairman Pages: 3 (1000 words) Published: February 10, 2014

Case Names and Roles
The Day After includes the management which consists of Charlie Jones- Chief Executive 23yrs on the job, and Bill Handy- Chief operating officer. The medical staff which is the President of medical staff, Chief Radiologist- Dr. Ralph Kemper and three other radiologists, and other physicians. Lastly the governing body who are Russell Adams- Board Chairman, Board members- (13 total) and 4 physicians. Background and Facts

Charlie Jones was the CEO for Riley Memorial Hospital for 23 years before being fired by Russell Adams who was the acting board chairman. Charlie was restricted within his role as a decision maker in this hospital due to not having a contract with the hospital. Charlie was up against a variety of changes that consisted of external changes that were occurring in the hospital. These changes were too fast for him to manage where he could bring in a timely method to the board. Specialized nursing units had to close even with the support of the board because he was forced to lay off 134 people. Charlie knew he would have to create new ideas to bring in additional currency to keep the financial viability and make sure the physicians are still working and happy. To have more primary care centers, Charlie wanted to develop three off site centers where he had recommended off site medical office building five miles away. However, the executive committee, and governing board thought it was not the place of the hospital to get involved. The impression that Charlie wanted to take control of the medical staff really showed that the physicians in the hospital were clearly not happy with him. Charlie assumed he had additional problem on his plate when the news from Bill Handy came that three radiologists, including the chief of radiology of 15 years had purchased a 2 acre site across the street from the hospital to build an ambulatory imaging center. As long as the physicians were still...
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