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Inspiring a billion imaginations:-

Our dream is to inspire a billion imaginations with a new idea of what's possible and a new sense of who they can be. It's what we strive for, every day. 

The hopes and ambitions of every Indian are powering India's booming success, and transforming our country. We believe that India is built on the strength of its dreams. At Star, we bring those dreams to life, and share them with everyone. We are creating the stories our nation tells about itself. 

At Star, we're there for everyone, for every step of the journey. We make people feel at ease, offer up new directions and show that everyone has a part to play. Changing India brings new opportunities to every family and every community. We show people those opportunities, inspiring them to take them. We're at the heart of Indian life, bringing joy to every home, raising expectations and ambitions. We encourage everyone to aim higher, do more and be more. We're helping people make sense of change, to live better lives and to fulfil their dreams.


Satellite Television Asian Region (STAR) is an Asian TV service owned by News Corporation.

In 2009, News Corporation restructured STAR Asia into four units – STAR India, STAR Greater China, STAR Select and Fox International Channels Asia.

Shiau Hong-chi says that Murdoch's purchase of STAR TV in 1992 was based on a theory of media globalization assuming that people across nations and languages will watch the same TV programs. Shiau says that the original plan for STAR TV was to broadcast popular American shows to Asian audience with as less effort as possible. However the plan was unsuccessful and STAR TV had to invest on local branches to make local shows.[2]

Star network adaptation to Indian culture-
Star TV was in a dynamic and evolving business in the 1990s and experienced rapid growth and expansion during this time. The entry of global media conglomerates into the india began with the creation Of SATELITE TELEVISION ASIAN REGION (STAR) in 1991. The star network website proudly claim that “star pioneered satellite television in asia and in the process catalysed explosive growth in the media industry across the entire region”. The opening up of Indian economy and the subsequent access to satellite television redefined not only the viewing experience for millions but also brought in a vast opportunity for media moguls to generate unheard sums of profit from the Indian market. The entertainment industry could now provide more people with greater choice than ever before. Star set new standard in content, production and variety. It is hard to dispute and reaches more than 300 million viewers in 53 countries . over 173 million people watch star ever week . Star TV's founder, Richard Li, was a very successful player in the Asian broadcasting arena and has made a number of inroads in a variety of different countries. By 1993, Star reached 45 million people, including viewers in China, India, and Taiwan. Additionally, by the 1990s the availability and demand for Western programming was increasing. The success of the star tv network has been achieved by making programs in Indian languages, such as hindi, and by localizing content as well as adaping local family culture and values in its programme content. In order to analyse the runaway success of the star network in india, it is important to understand the national Indian television network, which, with the coming of new communication technologies and opening up of global market , had been subjected to massive changes since the early 1990s. “ as with many other sector of the Indian economy , the gradual deregulation and privatisation o television transformed the media landscape in a country which had one of the most regulated broadcasting environment among the world’s democracies”. In the early 1990s there was no television industry worth...
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