Television vs Internet

Topics: Television, Internet, IPTV Pages: 8 (3395 words) Published: March 9, 2013
The Death of a Television

There is no doubt that the internet has become part of our daily life. We surf the internet for news, watching movies, sending emails and many other essential tasks that we have to do daily. According to CISCO one of every three college students and young employees believes the Internet is as important as air, water, food, and shelter ( Popkin). After seeing the huge impact the internet has over the last year the U.N. recently declared internet access as a human right ( Estes). We all know that when it comes to television, cable and satellite solutions have monopolized the industry, so can the internet take T.V. entertainment in its own perspective? That’s a hard question to answer. The television industry started more than eighty years ago and have been growing rapidly ever since. Now it’s a huge industry involving hardware companies, software companies, technical support, advertisement, etc. But this industry is facing serious threat from the uprising internet industry, "I think we see the Internet as both a huge opportunity and potentially a huge threat," says Henry Eaton, vice-president of strategic planning and business development at CTV (Chidley). The internet is not going to take over the television only by taking over its consumers because that’s already happening as the percentage of video content being watched on the interned increased from 11% to 19% in just one year from 2008 (Marketing Charts), but it’s rather going to change each and every aspect of the television industry from advertisement, funding and ways to deliver TV material. In a few years the old media is going to be unrecognizable, so for all purposes, we might as well say that TV is already dead. Television has been in our lives for over eighty years now. It is almost at the center of every modern house living room, sometimes it is also in the bedroom and even some people have televisions in their bathrooms. Although it used to only air news at the beginning now it airs movies, scheduled programs and TV shows, talk shows, documentaries, sports, etc. and the list never stops. If we take a look at how enormous this industry has grown into we would be amazed that a thirty second TV. Commercial can cost up to 3.5 million dollars (Klopman). But can this industry be taken over by the uprising internet? There are many ways to believe this because of the many advantages the internet provides. There are many benefits of using the internet more often than television. First of all internet material are always there for twenty four seven access. When something is posted on the internet you can watch it whenever you want, there is no schedule you have to follow, unlike cable networks where you have to watch a certain movie or news at the time they are aired and you can’t access them later. You don’t have to stay up late all night to watch your favorite TV show; you can simply access it anytime you want when it’s uploaded on the internet. This also let more people watch the show because people who missed it for any reason would be able to watch it later which increase its viewer count. Although many attempts have been made by cable companies to provide this service like (TiVo and On Demand), these options don’t work as good as TV. TiVo and On Demand are cable companies trying to mix the internet with the regular cable service. They have managed to bring some of the advantages of the internet to the cable industry but they had major drawbacks such as charging extra money for viewing certain movies and TV shows, the internet connection is not very convenient with the service, the use of ads was not pleasant for many viewers, and there were some rumors that these companies may intrude with the privacy of their subscribers (Medford). When it comes to easy access the internet doesn’t just give you opportunity to watch material anytime you want it also gives you the ability to watch it where ever you want and however you want. People can...
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