Television Violence

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Television Violence

One of the most important technology in the world is the Television, that has been used long time ago and developed in to many other types of TV such as 3D, HD TV’s, for everything there is an good side and a bad side about it. Television violence is from the effect of the movie or a TV series on the people who watch it, kids are the victims of the TV shows especially the cartoon that shows them how a superhero can do amazing things such as flying, breaking walls by one punch, or even having laser eyes. The flying is a really dangerous effect that any kid see it from the superhero and they want to try because they are amazed from there action, many death accident happened because of kids jumping from really high place, they think that they will fly and be like the superhero they watched on TV. Kids are like sponges they observe and learn from the cartoon they watch, weather it’s a superhero or sometimes the main character is a thief and that will have a huge impact in the kid because when the cartoon character lies to get out of trouble or steal stuff from people, kids will think that lying is a good things and they will use it on there parent to get out of trouble, even sometimes they tend to steal because they think that stealing is a good thing because the saw it on TV. Cartoon are all unreal figures so when they throw stuff on each other and they wont get hurt, and when kids watch this they think that nothing will happen, so they use on there friends or there families, they throw knifes, plates and other dangerous things, in most of the time they get hurt, sometimes with severe injures. The violence that any kid watches in a cartoon show is very high, when they watch the
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