Topics: Television, English-language films, Reality television Pages: 1 (300 words) Published: September 26, 2013

Television is the most popular souce of information these days. You can find out anything about anybody just by switching the chanells and watching the news. The bad part is that it’s getting worse everyday. First of all, in our days television is promoting people that have nothing relevant or important to say. More, you can’t see something interesting on TV, just usless shows that only teach you how to be a person with low inteligente level, like Paris Hilton’s shows or Tilla Tequila. Secondly, telvision is a bad influence upon kids and teenagers, because there are no role models these days in our society, just stupid celebrities with bad conception about life. They make teenagers think that everything is fine and that they will always live in a nice pink world as long as they have swag, money and fame. Thirdly, a lot of naive people are harassed by show’s reporters because they invade their privat lifes and put it on screen, telling lies and assuming things that may or may not be true. People have the right to intimity and television is not respecting this aspect. By contrast, there are some good things about television, things that should be pretty important for all people. Programs that have a lot of educational TV shows that teach us about important and interesting stuff, like Animal Planet, History, National Geographing. These kind of shows are great for kids and even for adults, because it improves your knowledge. My opinion is that there are some good parts about Television, but there are more bad parts of it and if the socety whould ask for more educational shows they would get it, but people are used to this and they live with it.
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