Television Is One Of The Greatest Inventions Of Modern Science And Technology

Topics: Invention, Psychology, Knowledge Pages: 2 (364 words) Published: May 8, 2015
Since the invention of television, we have been able to catch a lot of the world in our home. Television is one of the greatest inventions of Modern science and technology. At present, our lives depend on various electronic equipments like television which is not only make our lives easy but also one of the sources of our recreation. For example; watching documentary programme on television can entertain people and help to enrich their out knowledge. It can create also negative impact on people mind when they watch the violence and crime documentary programme. Of course, like everything television has positive and negative effect in our life. Despite of some negative sides, it has a lot of positive sides which make it most valuable thing for us and these are stated below. The crime documentary programme on television can make a bad image in children's mind. Even they get nightmare by watching this kind of programme. Their mind could be stuck at that image and make them fantasy of it. Later that could be dangerous for their personality. Secondly, sometime people try to follow and experiment the adventurous activities by watching the adventurous documentary programme. This can make trouble by getting risk of their life. Thirdly, environmental disaster documentary programme can make people sad and worried of their life. Psychologically, people get weak by thinking this could be happened to them as well. On the other hand television documentary programme can make people enrich of educational and out knowledge. Most of documentary programme made of true story which can teach people to have a practical knowledge. Not only that but also some kind of inventory documentary programme can inspired people especially children to invent something good for our society. Autobiography documentary programme can encourage people to lead their lives in a good way and try to make a good example in their life. Historical documentary programme give us a lot of...
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