television is good invention

Topics: Psychology, Good and evil, Television Pages: 1 (331 words) Published: September 24, 2013
 Television has purpose serves for development of people. Television has some influences on society. It has some influences are positive, some influences are negative, but it's very important for people's life. In fact, television is good invention for entertainment what make people's life become more convenient and comfortable. TV can help people feel relaxed, avoid stress by several gameshow, when they working in longtime. They can use it in anytime and very easy to use. They can watch film, play game, show some picture about nature.... Moreover, it's great for education. Some gameshow can help them learn about good behavior social, and promote learning. For example, road to olympus, learn more about marketting.... or make children learn about the way to care the elderly. Now, TV can connect to internet, so student can lear more, can take more information from internet, can do more exam about learning. Do more exam can make them remember it and make them get more cocksure. However, in my opinion, TV has some influences are negative, not good for social. Tv can make them avoid stress but if they watch TV in longtime they can get more stress from it and become lazy, dont do anything and dont care anything around them. Moreover, it can affect to children behavior from bad gameshows or violent movies, it's not good for children and soccial. They can become bad guys, help them to learn about bad point, evils. If they become bad guys, social will take more problem. Some people think TV is what make people become robot, For example, after dinner, all people shit down on the aimchar and just watch tv. It’s not good for children and people. Now, tv is becoming a invention get more function and make people's life become more convenient and comfortable. However, people must know what is influences positive and influences negative, what is good and not good for thier life. They must know and impale to make thier life better....
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