Television Is Good and Bad

Topics: Family, Entertainment, Television Pages: 1 (361 words) Published: April 4, 2002
Television is one of the greatest inventions to ever be created, or is it? As a child I always thought television was great. Television was amusing and brought entertainment to the comfort of households. Although, over the years, I've learned that television does more harm than good to people's lives. Television teaches young children bad habits and family values are weakened by peoples' interest in television. Many people grew up watching television ages ranging from one through twelve. Many of the bad habits children pick up come from television. Is there a program to educate children? Television programs for children are too explicit. Many programs promote violence and drugs, rather than programs that promote education. Children see it on television and think it's all right to do drugs and act out violence as long as you don't get caught. There are shows like Jerry Springer, where guests use violence and profanity to get their point across. Then there are late night shows where sexual content is used. Children at an early age shouldn't be learning about sex, they should be playing and having fun. Next there are family values, in which television desecrates almost all of those factors. Before television, families used to sit at the dinner table and discuss daily agenda. Now at dinner time many families sit in front of the television with their food in their hand and don't say anything to one another. There were times when families went to the movies or amusement parks for entertainment. Now, they just sit in front of the television watching a variety of asinine programs and movies. Before purchasing a new television set do a little research. Especially a well organized household. Television causes the world more harm than good. People reenact what they watch. If you have children monitor, what programs they are being exposed too. And if you love family time, know that television will interrupt at any place or any time of the day. All these...
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