Television and Radio

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TV vs Radio
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Isn’t it amazing that people who lived two hundred years ago didn’t have radios or televisions? Today it is difficult to imagine life without these two forms of communication. These technological wonders have many similar characteristics. As you will see, they are also quite different. To start with, both radios and televisions need a source of power in order to run. If you have no electric socket or batteries on hand, you won’t get to watch TV or listen to the radio! Both of these medias make use of airwaves to send their messages, and they offer a range of channels. Concerning appearance, radios and TVs come in all shapes and sizes. There are tiny and big radios and televisions. You can buy both in plain or fancy designs and at low, moderate, or high prices.

Both TV and radio are amazing sources of information. You can find out about the latest news, get traffic and weather reports, and tune in to special programs about health, history, and many other subjects on both TV and the radio. Both broadcast wonderful cultural events. Concerts, readings by famous writers, and political debates are part of the programming of TV and radio. Therefore, both can contribute to your knowledge. However, both also broadcast talk shows with weird guests discussing strange subjects. So, it is fair to say that both TV and radio have some shows that are not all that worthwhile.

In addition to the similarities that they share, radio and TV have many differences. Televisions have screens that present visual images, but radios don’t. Therefore, some kinds of programs are possible on TV that could not be broadcast by radio, such as dance programs and silent movies. Also, TV has some options that aren’t available for radio. A cable hookup allows TV viewers to get access to more channels; a phone line hookup can give a TV access to the Internet. Plug in a VCR, and you can watch any movie you like on your TV set. These options simply don’t exist for...
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