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B.1 The following is a telephone conversation between Tom and Pam. After this call Mr. Tom receives an urgent telephone call from Mumbai. Before leaving, he leaves a message for Mr. Sam. Write the message in not more than 25 words in the space provided. ________________________________________________________________________ Pam Tom Pam Tom Pam Tom Pam : : : : : : : Hello! Is it Ahmedabad 632392? Yes, it is Can I talk to Mr. Sam? Sorry, he is not in the office. May I know who is on the line? I am Pam, a friend of his. Would you like me to convey a message? Yes, Inform him that the interview scheduled for 5th October has been postponed to the 7th. So he can reach Delhi by 6th evening. The inconvenience is regretted. Tom Pam : : I will surely convey this message to him. Thank you! (5 Marks) B.2 Arun, who lives in Delhi, left for Shimla on a week’s holiday on Sunday. On the train he realized that he had forgotten to return his local library books due on Saturday. The library is closed on Wednesday. He decided to write his brother a postcard from Shimla requesting him to return the books, which he had left on his table. Do not add any new information. Write his postcard in about 50 words. To write the answer copy the format of the postcard from the question paper.


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To __________________________ __________________________ __________________________ PIN: (5 Marks) B.3 Read the following summary of a study conducted titled ‘The impact of Television advertising on Children’. Then based on the...
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