Television Advertisement

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Task One
Television Advertising
Throughout this assignment I will be explaining where to find audience data, how it is used throughout the television industry and also why it is helpful for the television industries to know about their audience this part of the assignment will be including information on; ratings, television research agencies, rate cars and also advertisers information packs. As well as this I will also be explaining how the classification system are used with audience profiling this will be including; demographics, standard occupational classification, psychographics and also geo-demographics. Then finally I will be discussing how TV adverts are regulated throughout the television industry. Audience data

Ratings are the number of people who watch a certain programme/television channel which are then calculated by BARB ratings are measured by TVR (1 TVR = 1% of potential audience) only people over the age of 4 years old are counted and measured. BARB creates these ratings so they can then see if a particular channel/programme is successful or not and it also allows them to find out the top 10 channels on television. Television research agencies

One of the most popular and well known audience research agencies is BARB (broadcasters audience research board) the company has been around since 1992 and it is owned by BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5, BskyB and the IPA, the company list the 10/30 most watch programmes for each year/month/week and also includes the audience viewing figures on the channels as well as calculating the best channels. This allows BARB to get more in touch with the audience and find out what kind of channels/television shows they prefer and allows them to see if the channel is successful or not. BARB only report individuals 4+ to be measured and counted for in the ratings, with this a user can look at any age group they wish. Rate cards

Rate cards show the different prices for different time lots for...

Bibliography: Advertising Standards Agency . (2012). About ASA. Retrieved September 25, 2012, from ASA:
So the advertising standards agency referred to as the ASA in the quote above helps us to understand more about how advertisements and other media products are regulated. The ASA are a government recognised body who ensure that outlandish claims are not made by organisation in order to sell more of their products and also to make sure none off the adverts which they approve will offend/mislead and harm anybody is a serious manner.
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