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Telekom Malaysia Berhad also known as TM is the largest integrated telecommunication company in Malaysia. TM has a market capitalization of more than RM13.9 billion and a huge labour force of more than 26k employees which make TM as one of the leading integrated solutions provider in Asia. Telekom Malaysia Berhad is established in 1946 as Telecommunications Department of Malaya. During 1987, it was privatized by forming Syarikat Telekom Malaysia Berhad (STMB) and was listed on the main board of Bursa Securities in 1990. On the following year which is 1991, the company renamed to Telekom Malaysia. Starting from year 2000, TM introduced a lot of broadband services, mobile services and so on. It was demerge in 2008 and this allows them to focus more attentively on its primary business of Multimedia Internet, data and fixed-line services.

In order for Telekom Malaysia Berhad to be successful, good internal environment is crucial. Internal environment of a company is made up of the elements within the company. This includes the employee morale, risk management, organization structure, division of responsibility, statement of mission and so on.

To start off with, a company needs to state their business mission and vision clearly. Mission statement defines what the company fight for and why it exists. Ellen A. Benowitz cited that “A mission statement should be more than words on a piece of paper; it should reveal a company’s philosophy, as well as its purpose.” In this globalization era, customers are highly quality-conscious and the market too is highly competitive, so an effective mission statement’s purpose is focused on satisfying the needs of customers. TM knows this well and that is why they are successful. TM, as Malaysia’s leading integrated solutions provider in ICT, they aim to provide the precise connections to bring us closer to each other. They believe that connections make everything possible (Company’s philosophy). They hold a vision of excellence towards us and making our lives better. From TM’s website, it is stated that their vision is “To be Malaysia’s leading new generation communications provider, embracing customer needs through innovation and execution excellence.” They have good mission statement which is very precise in every term. Their mission is “to achieve customer service distinction and operational competence, provide innovative new generation services to improve lifestyle and experience, provide more information and communication solution to improve performance of business customer and lastly, deliver value for stakeholders by generating shareholder value to support growth and development in Malaysia.” These statements rally the employees to strive towards their common goals. TM states the mission clearly and efficiently thus improve the performance and effort of everyone in the company. This makes TM able to operate in a way that can help them to accomplish both on the local and international front.

Employee morale is also one of the internal factors or environment that could affect the service provided by Telekom Malaysia Berhad. Employee moral describe the attitude and satisfaction the employees feel when working. As a big private company, TM has more than 26,000 employees. TM needs to instill a positive morale among the employees in order to create a positive environment for it to success. If the morale is bad, it could worsen the service and product provided by them. Worse still, it will indirectly affect the whole organization structure. The leadership style will have its impacts on the employees too. TM’s human resource department did a great job to acknowledge and appreciate the staff. The Board of TM also displays good leadership and shows the employees that their efforts are a major factor in success. The satisfaction of employees will ensure a better future performance, productivity, improved customer service and commitment of employees.

The next internal environment is the...
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